Theme: Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital Life Magazine, September 2020

I. Purpose: A special publication featuring 2 simultaneous events on DX in 2020: Vietnam DX Day and Vietnam ICT Summit (September 10-11, 2020)

II. Audience:

2500+ delegates attending Vietnam DX Day 2020

600+ senior leaders of Vietnam ICT Summit 2020

III. Specifications of the magazine:

80 – 100 pages

Dimension 210 x 280mm

Couche matt paper

IV. Publication information

  • Printed version: distributed at the event and presented to IT leaders of provinces, cities, agencies and IT applying enterprises nationwide
  • Soft version: can be downloaded at

V. Main content

1. Editorial Letter: The necessity and importance of DX in Vietnam; The purpose of DX Day as well as the events surrounding this theme.

2. Introductory: short article by Dr. Truong Gia Binh or the Minister of Information and Communications, calling for Vietnamese businesses to enter the DX journey (tentative)

3. OVERVIEW articles: guideline about DX, concepts and opinions at macro level

The advantages of DX in Vietnam from a policy perspective (contents related to the Government’s specific policies, visions and actions) – interviews with experts from: Central Economic Department, Think Tank, Ministry of Information and Communications

Methodology of DX

Platforms for DX

7 steps for DX in IBM’s opinion (interview, around 7 main steps: Finding a platform, Building a data-based platform, Creating to change, Designing smart workflow, Monitoring execution, Empowering employees, Security …)

5 key factors of DX (Strategy, Customer, Process and Innovation, Technology, Analysis and Data Mining / Management)

4. In-depth articles:

Current situation of DX in Vietnam from the perspective of VINASA (report, overview, referring to the introductory report that will be presented at the event)

Issues related to DX for small businesses (where to start, funding, common problems …)

DX for organizations, agencies

DX for some specific industries (in 6 sessions in Vietnam DX Day 2020, or as ordered by Sponsors): SMEs, Healthcare, Finance – Banking, Agriculture, Logistics, Manufacturing …

Technology platforms for DX: Security, Cloud (data infrastructure), telecommunications

The role of telecommunications (specifically 5G) in DX

5. Articles introducing Products – Solutions – Services

VI. Expense:

01 PR article/Ad page: VND 20 million

02 PR article/Ad page: VND 35 million

½ PR article/Ad page: VND 10 million

* Special discount: 35% for VINASA, VJC members, Sao Khue 2020, 50 + 10 leading IT companies in Vietnam in 2019

VII. Deadline for registration: latest on August 21, 2020

VIII. Contact: Ms. Song Ha, email:; Phone: 0983130775